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Liberty Kitchen to Open Little Liberty Concept in Rice Village

The sign is up, but not much else known for plans of Rice U. outpost.

Rumored Little Liberty Location
Rumored Little Liberty Location
Rumored Little Liberty Location

Rice Village — Last spring the Village outpost of Ruggles Cafe & Bakery closed and rumors on the internet suggested just temporary renovations. Then another month passed, then another and it became apparent that it was shuttering.

Fast forward six months to now. The F.E.E.D. TX Restaurant Group has finally made mention to the new project to reincarnate the old Ruggles space as Little Liberty. Well, at least they've put up a new blue sign on the front of the space and there is mention of a "coming soon" here on the website. The group behind BRC and all Liberty kitchen locations (now in Austin too) are confirmed to launch Little Liberty in the old Ruggles space but cannot be reached for comments on the menu, any changes or anything otherwise.

But we know it's coming. And we are happy. Stay tuned for details or drop a note in the tip line if you hear any updates.

Liberty Kitchen

3715 Alba Rd, Houston, TX 77018 (713) 290-0074