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Petite Sweets Now Delivers Sweet Treats in Houston

The W. Alabama bakery concept by F.E.E.D. TX has launched a convenient local delivery service.

Petite Sweets Delivery
Petite Sweets Delivery

Petite Sweets is making it easy to indulge your sweet tooth with the launch of a new, free delivery service within a five-mile radius of the West Alabama bakery. Simply order a minimum of one dozen items and the adorable Petite Sweets Fiat will deliver delectable bites to your door.

The Petite Sweets branded Fiat is a treat you don't want to miss on the Houston roads decked out with the bakery's signature macaron, cupcake and cake ball adorning the top of the car.

Susan Molzan and partner Lee Ellis are adding the delivery service as a way to make sure no customer craving goes unmet. From macarons, marshmallows to cake balls and cookies, the service gives customers immediate gratification. Free delivery with a purchase of one dozen treats within five-miles.

"Petite Sweets is all about making people happy, so what could be better than a box of macarons or cupcarons appearing at your front door or in your office?" Ellis said. "We're always creating news ways to serve our customers."

Petite Sweets

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