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El Patio Restaurant Responds to Breastfeeding Allegations with A "Feed-In"

Montrose Tex-Mex restaurant throws it's first charity event to support breastfeeding.

Mrs. Texas at El Patio Feed In Breastfeeding Event
Mrs. Texas at El Patio Feed In Breastfeeding Event
El Patio Facebook

Last week allegations flared through the internet that a mother was asked to leave El Patio restaurant because she was breastfeeding her child in plain view. As a response to the allegations, which have mostly gone unconfirmed, the restaurant organized a an event aimed to show it's commitment to the breastfeeding community of Houston.

To show it's support of breastfeeding mothers, El Patio hosted the first ever "feed in" event in which special invitation was made to breastfeeding moms and 20-percent of sales for the day were donated to the Houston location of the Mother's Milk Bank non-profit organization.

A Facebook link to the event prompted, "El Patio, recently experienced one of these incidents where our 50 year reputation as a family restaurant was challenged. We are taking the opportunity to give back and help create awareness to this issue."

Mrs. Texas United States also made an appearance.

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El Patio

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