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The Return of Krispy Kreme To Houston

Donut sensations return to the H-town market after a nearly 10 year disappearance.

Line outside Krispy Kreme Houston
Line outside Krispy Kreme Houston
Krispy Kreme Yelp

In 2006 the Krispy Kreme powers that be decided to pull the plug on all five of their Houston area locations. The North Carolina-based donut brand has developed nothing short of a sensational cult following so it was no surprise that Houstonians were let down when the intended opening date of February 2015 came and went. We followed the story closely, spoke with management but somehow the stores simply never opened as planned.

But good things come to those who wait and fans lined up overnight to get their donut crack fix at both locations, the first at Westheimer and Fondren and the second on Highway 6 in Bear Creek. To celebrate the re-launch, the company ran a special promotion: The first person in line received a dozen free "original glazed" donuts once a week for a year, and the next 99 people got a dozen free glazed each month for a year.

Krispy Kreme

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