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Harwood Grill Closses Doors After Only Seven Months

It seems the bludgeoning construction on Westheimer and Shepherd put the final nail in the coffin.

Harwood Grill
Harwood Grill

When Raymond Gibson and chef Craig Bianco announced the opening of the Harwood Grill, they certainly must have considered the impending impact of the incessant road construction that may never seem to end at the busy corner of Westheimer and Shepherd impacting the River Oaks and Montrose communities. The specific spot is one of the worst intersections in town for traffic since left turns are disabled and complete lanes are shut down. It was likely the cause of death for the previous tenant, 60 Degrees Mastercrafted, and it appears to continue with it's wrath as Harwood has announced that it will be closing it's doors on December 12, CultureMap reports.

The article cites a statement by the management, "Harwood Grill's management team was recently approached by a local restaurant ownership group with a time-sensitive need to relocate their existing operation.We have accepted their offer and will be closing Harwood Grill on Saturday, December 12th. Our staff has been notified and we are working to secure employment for them locally, possibly with the hospitality enterprise which will soon occupy our location at 2300 Westheimer."

Hopefully as the construction begins to edge towards it's final completion the curse will be lifted and new life will be breathed back into this high-traffic destination. Stay tuned as we watch the progress.

Harwood Grill

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