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Machine Gun Arsenal Mysteriously Stolen from SaltGrass Steakhouse

Eight guns stolen from Waller Sheriff's vehicle in parking lot as security cameras "not working."

Scene of the crime
Scene of the crime
SaltGrass [YELP]

KTRK reports a mysterious theft occurring on the premesis of the 8943 Katy Freeway location of the SaltGrass Steakhouse chain. If Sheriff Glen Smith's name sounds familiar it could be because he was brought to a national stage in the mysterious and alleged suicide of Sandra Bland in his Waller County jail facility. While this case still remains open and of hot debate, the Sheriff has found himself again in another case where people are wondering if he is the crooked common denominator.

Sheriff Glen arrived at the SaltGrass Steakhouse for lunch with eight guns in his truck, some of them machine guns, while he dined for a couple of hours. Upon return to his truck, the guns were gone. Supposedly the security cameras of the parking lot were not working, Glen didn't lock his truck's door, and it's "routine" for a sheriff to carry machine guns around.  Media and social media alike are lashing out, mostly hypothesizing if there's someone in the SaltGrass crew in bed with the sheriff.