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Petrol Station Shows Solidarity for LGBT Community

An Oak Forest beer mecca proves why it's a neighborhood favorite.

The Petrol Station/Facebook

The Petrol Station is serious about beer and injustices. Owner Ben Fullelove is showing his support for a local student who was recently expelled when he decided to reveal his sexual preference. Officials at nearby Lutheran North High were dismayed to discover an online video of one of its students revealing he was gay. The private high school gave the student an ultimatum: hide his sexuality or leave the school. Disgusted at the neighborhood school's actions, Fullelove took to Facebook to show his support for the student:

Flying above the entrance of Petrol Station is the rainbow flag, a show of solidarity for the expelled teenager and everyone in the LGBT community. The flag will remain throughout the month of February. Fullelove encourages other businesses to follow his lead.

Petrol Station

985 Wakefield Drive, , TX 77018 (713) 957-2875