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Thieves Make Off With Saint Darth Vader From Grand Prize Bar

Harnessing the dark side of the force proves to be an easy job for a thief.

Have you ever noticed the hand-crafted candle sporting a "Saint" Darth Vader image on the counter of Taco Borracho, Grand Prize Bar's latest kitchen inhabitant? Many have. "People loved taking pictures with it. It caught the eye and started conversations," recalls cwner/chef Matthew Tobar (formerly a Goro & Gun cook). Apparently someone loved the candle enough that they stole the beloved trinket over the weekend.

"I never thought anyone would ever steal such a simple thing, but it happened," say Tobar who returned from his usual trips to the kitchen to find St. Darth Vader was longer there. The candle had been a fixture within Grand Prize Bar since August, blending into the funky decor of the casual Museum District bar. Tobar notes he received the pillared candle as a gift from his girlfriend at the time, putting it on display when he launched Taco Borracho last year.

Luckily the young chef was able to track down local artist Alex Ramos, maker of the Star Wars-themed candle, through the power of social media. "Thanks to the power of Google I was able to find the dude's Instagram and message him. I told him how I loved the candle and would pay for a new one. He got back to me about an hour later." Ramos dropped off four candles to Grand Prize Bar, providing Tobar with a happy ending. The only thing left for Tobar to do now, "I have to figure out how to latch it down." Maybe he can commission a fleet of Death Squadron candles to provide protection.

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