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Watch the Latest Coffee Shop on Wheels Perking Up Houston

A truck dispensing java and cinnamon rolls is gaining popularity.

Joining Espresso Rescue and Lucky Star Shaved Ice & Iced Coffee trucks, is the latest Clark Cooper Concept on wheels to serve up a steamy cup of joe: Mobile Mug. Charles Clark and Grant Cooper first foray into the food truck world comes when many mobile kitchens are bowing out for good or moving up the ladder and going brick-and-mortar.

With several successful restaurants to their name (Ibiza, Coppa Osteria, Brasserie 19 and Punk's Simple Southern Foods), the duo are plotting to take over the streets of Houston with a fleet of coffee-fueled trucks. Offering a condensed menu of freshly brewed Illy coffees and cinnamon roll, Houston's newest truck is making mornings more tolerable.

Mobile Mug

Moving Target! (Greater Houston area), Houston, TX 77004 (832) 523-1777