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El Tiempo 1308 Cantina Confirms Plans to Remain on Montrose

Let the margaritas flow on.

The good times will continue to roll on at El Tiempo 1303 Cantina on Montrose.
The good times will continue to roll on at El Tiempo 1303 Cantina on Montrose.
Kim Ogonosky/Adventures in a New(ish) City

It's official, El Tiempo 1308 Cantina will remain open at 1308 Montrose. Earlier this week, talk of the Tex-Mex restaurant staying put gained traction but Roland Laurenzo, president of El Tiempo Cantina, dismissed it as rumors.

In an email statement, Laurenzo reveals the Montrose location won't close as first expected and discloses the possibility of staying open until the end of the year:

1308 will be staying open until end of this year more, or less  

We understand the planned new apartments that were going to replace 1308 has been delayed for a few months due to the business conditions and planning issues. Therefore, 1308 will stay open more than likely until then, or perhaps longer.  

We are still are planning to open at 322 Westheimer at Taft in April, with God's continued blessings.

With a firm confirmation from Laurenzo, it still begs the question, will El Tiempo 1308 Cantina and El Tiempo 1308 Cantina Annex, the restaurant slated to open at 322 Westheimer, be able to coexist by offering the exact menu? Unsurprisingly, Laurenzo declined to share what's in store for 1308 Cantina Annex. Perhaps he will change course and develop a new concept at its digs on Westheimer. Let the guessing games begin.