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Two Bars in One: The Commoner and The Boulevardier Adds More Fun to Downtown

More details on Clutch City Squire's replacement.

From the ashes of Clutch City Squire rises two new downtown bars.
From the ashes of Clutch City Squire rises two new downtown bars.
Jakeisha Wilmore

The dust didn't settle too long following the closing of Clutch City Squire a few weeks ago. Waiting in the wings to get in on downtown's booming bar scene, Carson Hager, founder of software company Cynergy and The Hospitable Viking hospitality group. When last reported, Hager expected to open a bar at the 410 Main building called The Commoner, but according to CultureMap, that's only half the story.

The Commoner will be joined by another concept of Hager's called The Boulevardier. Taking over Clutch City Squire on the first floor, The Commoner, "[a] rowdy... more fun" bar, Hager tells CultureMap. Replacing Barringer Bar & Lounge upstairs, The Boulevardier, an upscale lounge. CultureMap also notes that Joe Stark, Brasserie 19's bar manager, has been hired on as Hospitality Viking's beverage director. Under Stark's direction, both bars will offer serve craft cocktails like OKRA Charity & Saloon, Captain Foxheart's Bad News Bar & Spirit Lodge and neighboring nightspots a block down.  

With the sell of his software company, Hager is fully devoting his time to both bars to ensure their success once opened — The Commoner is expected to open at the end of February and The Boulevardier in March. That shouldn't be too hard to do. Downtown's nightlife is growing and becoming the lively epicenter of good times, the likes last seen between 2003 and 2005. Coming into the fold soon as well, Barringer Bar & Lounge 2.0, nightlife spot from suspected Wooster's Garden ownersBovine & BarleyHouston Watch Co., Prohibition's beer garden Conservatory and The Moonshiners from the group behind Pub Fiction.