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Copper Chefs, Beloved Gourmet Kitchen on Wheels, to Shut Down in March

Less than a year on the streets, Copper Chefs is closing their food truck.

Copper Chef, the gourmet kitchen on wheels, calls it quits.
Copper Chef, the gourmet kitchen on wheels, calls it quits.
Copper Chefs/Twitter

Sad news for fans of the food truck Copper Chefs: Conor Moran, one half of the cooking duo has announced that he's closing down food truck operations. Moran provided a statement on Facebook about the news this morning:

At a time when most gourmet trucks were going brick and mortar or departing for chef positions at Houston's notable restaurant, Copper Chefs revitalized high-end fine dining on the cheap and on-the-go. Joao Paulo Frankenfeld (JP) was as integral part in helping the truck get off the ground before opening last June. 

We got the news a week ago that there might be some issues with JP's visa," says Moran. Instead of going solo and continuing serving the streets of Houston, that was an option that wasn't on the table. "Because he has invested his personal money into the food truck [I want to sell it]  and reimburse him for his investment as the company can not afford to 'buy him out.'" Moran goes on to say that Frankenfeld was like family, "I am more concerned for someone I call a brother than anything else as he and his wife have to start live anew again."

After the truck serves its last Beef Burgundy and other fancy fare at the end of March, Frankenfeld will continue to help from afar. Moran is returning to his catering business full-time where Frankenfeld will serve as a menu consultation. But that's not all that's in store for Copper Chefs. Moran reveals he's drawn interest from companies interested in his assistance to help with growth. One company is FireDisc Grills, a customize grill producer in Katy, where he and Frankenfeld will be involved with product development and their line of sauces.

As for turning Copper Chefs into a brick and mortar, Moran declares, "I could never see myself doing this without JP."