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Jakeisha Wilmore

Get ready for another icehouse in the Heights. Houston Chronicle reports that's what the former Citgo gas station at 1039 Yale will be transformed into in the near future. Morgan Weber and Ryan Pera of Revival Market and Coltivare are expanding their presence in the Heights with their third concept, 8-Row Flint Icehouse and Tacos,

It was first noted the duo had something up its sleeves in December after a tip from a reader and a little digging. However, a spokesperson for the pair wouldn't confirm if a restaurant or bar was on the way at the time. Looking ahead for 2015, Weber and Pera are ready to reveal plans for their upcoming icehouse. 

Drawing inspiration from Montrose's West Alabama Icehouse, the come-as-you-are bar will keep most of its former occupant's physical characteristics and offer a roster of drink selections.
"Frozen drinks, pre-batched cocktails, whiskey shots and beer coupled with a menu of tacos, chips, queso and guacamole," are on the menu according to the Chronicle. Additionally, Weber will incorporate bourbon barrels into his beverage program.

While 8-Row Flint Icehouse and Tacos readies for its projected summer opening, another low-key drinking refuge down the street is set to premiere next month. Johnny's Gold Brick will open in March, followed by Southern Goods from Liberty Station proprietor shortly thereafter. Along with tiki-themed Lei Low, the Heights is becoming the next hotspot for cocktails.

Eight Row Flint

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