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Watch a History Lesson in Delicatessens With Ziggy Gruber, the 'Deli Man'

Deli talk and brief history behind the origins of Kenny & Ziggy's deli.

Ziggy Gruber, a third-generation restaurateur is well-known throughout Houston for his authentic and Texas-sized portion Eastern European fare at Kenny & Ziggy's New York Delicatessen, but that's quickly changing. Soon, the native New Yorker will be known everywhere as the Deli Man. Gruber is the prominent focus in the documentary centered around delicatessens and its connections with Jewish-Americans. Directed and produced by Erik Greenberg Anjou, actor Jerry Stiller and television personality Larry King make appearances, discussing their love of the Jewish restaurant and its future.

Before the film makes its debut in theatres nationwide February 27
— Houstonians can view the documentary at the River Oaks Theatre Gruber sits down with Great Day Houston to share a brief history of the restaurant, its impact on America and his move to Houston. While there are only a couple hundred true delicatessens in the country, if the Kenny & Ziggy's owner has his way, his daughter will keep the tradition alive.