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Activity Outside Former Stella Sola Space Suggests a New Restaurant is On the Way

Who's next in line to try their hand at opening at this cursed location?

Could 1001 Studewood be cursed? That's the question a number of people have asked over the years since Robert Gadsby's Bedford shuttered and Bryan Caswell's Stella Sola fell to the same fate. Even Ronnie Killen couldn't make it work, stopping remodeling on Killen's Steakhouse before it ever opened in the Heights. The recent of the bunch, lesser-known Yucatan Taco Stand & Tequila Bar, who pulled out last year. But that may be changing.

Whether 1001 Studewood is cursed or not, it appears someone is ready to take a leap of faith and bring new life into the long vacated space. A few weeks ago, taped off areas and construction-like equipment across the patio suggest someone is remodeling inside. What type of restaurant concept will take over, that is if it doesn't succumb to similar issues preceding it? There hasn't been anything announced just yet, but records show Kitchen Snapper, LLC has the address listed as their own.

Do you know what's opening? Shoot us an email.

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1001 Studewood St, Houston, TX 77008