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Piatto Ristorante Hangs it Up After 10 Months in the Heights

The Carrabba-owned restaurant just couldn't make a go of it.

Piatto Ristorante/Facebook
After relocating from Westchase, John M. Carrabba's Piatto Ristorante is moving out of the mixed-use 1111 Studemont Place in the Heights. A closing announcement was posted to the Italian restaurant's social media account yesterday:

The Heights is a growing, vibrant Houston community. We have loved being a part of this neighborhood and are grateful to all our guests who enjoyed a meal at our Studewood location. However, an opportunity recently came to fruition and we made the decision to close our Piatto Heights location, effective February 25. Loyal customers, since 2001, who share dinner and a bottle of wine with use are an extension of our family. We hope that the next time you are in the Galleria area, you will stop by our West Alabama location for another bite.

Piatto didn't go into detail about the vaguely mentioned opportunity, leaving the door wide open to speculation. Could the restaurant, which opened in April, move its outpost elsewhere? It's a possibility. However, with so much time and money devoted to the build-out, it's hard to fathom Carrabba would go that route, instead focusing his complete attention to his Galleria location.

What does sound plausible is the Italian restaurant being offered a chance to get out of its lease, something Nextdoor-like Facebook page, The Heights Life alluded to in the comments. Last November, the Italian restaurant was rumored to close in November, according to The Heights Life, but after much uproar, Piatto commented on the page claiming the rumors to be false.

With Piatto's departure, what will become of the newly available space? In a neighborhood quickly becoming Houston's dining destination, someone will scoop it up soon.

Piatto Ristorante

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