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Patio and Parking Woes for Coltivare

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A temporary patio covering proves to be more than the restaurant bargained for.

Coltivare's inviting covered patio is in hot water with the city.
Coltivare's inviting covered patio is in hot water with the city.
Jakeisha Wilmore

While Heights darling Coltivare draws in crowds for its rustic Italian inspired menu, the city isn't a fan of the restaurant's covered patio. The new addition has drawn unwanted attention from the city after an inspector cited Ryan Pera and Morgan Weber's establishment for unpermitted work, according to Swamplot. Despite the tent covering being a temporary solution to keep out winter's cold, "a lot of folks don’t realize covered patios count as building square footage and must be permitted," a tipster tells the real estate website. The solution? Coltivare is required to acquire the permits needed. Sounds easy but as Swamplot notes, "an increase in a restaurant’s square footage will also affect its parking requirements," which may prove to be a problem being that there isn't much room for parking to begin with.


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