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Behold the Brand New Signage for Forthcoming Washington Ave Steakhouse

A hopeful sign that Benjamin Berg's meat lover haven is closer to opening.

Jakeisha Wilmore

This time last year, a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) notice alerted the arrival of Benjamin Berg's B & R Butchers coming to 1814 Washington Avenue. A year later, Houstonians are anxiously awaiting the steakhouse and butcher shop from the former Smith & Wollensky General Manager. There are signs of the dual concept's near opening on the horizon with the installment of the forthcoming restaurant's signage.

Placed above the main entrance facing Washington Avenue is an image of a bull in red and lettering in white. Although the name of the eatery and retail meat market is B&R — CultureMap notes the initials "stands for [Berg's] name and his grandfather Rudolph" —  two letter B's are on the sign. Berg was unavailable to confirm if the lettering stood for the initial of his last name and butchers or if the concept's name has changed altogether. 

Construction on the historic two-story
Dittman Building has been ongoing since December, with crews overhauling the interior and building a rooftop bar. Next up hopefully, thick cuts of juicy steaks to-go or to enjoy while dining in.

B & B Butchers

1814 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX 77007