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Carjacking Victim Shot and Killed Outside F Bar Houston

A night at a talent show turns deadly after a robbery outside a popular Midtown club.

Early morning crime scene outside F Bar in Midtown.
Early morning crime scene outside F Bar in Midtown.
Drew Karedes/Twitter
A 22 year-old man is dead after being shot outside F Bar Houston, a nightclub in Midtown located at 202 Tuam. The fatal incident occurred Thursday, March 12 around 1 a.m. during a talent show held at club, popular with the LGBT community.

According to KHOU, two suspects, black males between the age of 20 and 25 and about 5'6 in height, approached the victim in an attempt to steal his car. While fighting off robbers, the victim was shot in the face, reports another local new station KTRK. A friend of the victim reportedly ran inside the club for assistance and the club's owner called the police.

About Magazine, a publication geared towards the LGBT community, has a more detailed account of the deadly shooting early Thursday morning. According to sources close to the investigation:

The male victim was urinating near his car in the parking lot of the club, while a female was in the car. The victim was approached and was shot in the head. The female managed to escape the car and ran inside the club to seek help. The gunshot victim made it close to the front entrance before collapsing and dying at the scene.

According to a club patrons on the patio- "We all heard the gunshot, and it was so scary, everyone hit the ground because we did not know where it was coming from." The night club was on police lock-down from approximately 12:40am until after 3am. When patrons were allowed to leave after presenting HPD with a identification.

The victim after being shot managed to make it approximately 75 feet near the front of the club before hitting a wall and falling to the ground and dying on the scene.

The gunman fled the crime scene in a black 2005 Ford Five Hundred sedan, license plate number CWR-1480. About six blocks away, officers spotted "a man in a pickup truck stopped and slumped over on Milam Street. That victim had a gunshot wound and is in critical condition a local area hospital," reports KHOU. Whether the crime is related to the F Bar has yet to be determined.

F Bar

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