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Wine Expert Evan Turner Plots Greek Restaurant With Your Help

Donate and help bring a modern Greek restaurant to Rice Village.

Branch Water Tavern/Facebook
Respected sommelier Evan Turner (Gravitas, Branch Water Bistro, Table on Post Oak) is on a 30-day campaign to fund Helen Greek Food and Wine, his long-awaited Greek taverna. Houston Chronicle first alerted fans to the wine expert's crowdsourcing efforts on Kickstarter. The fundraiser launched yesterday and seeks to raise $35,000 by early April.

This is a project of Turner's that has been several years in the making. In 2013, he started building interest for his modern Greek restaurant with pop-up dinners. While developing the restaurant, Turner continued to works as a beverage director and sommelier at Nosh Bistro, Vallone's and Table on Post Oak. With a sought out space in Rice Village, as noted by the Chronicle and Turner himself in his Kickstarter video, the well-versed sommelier is reaching out the community to help him reach his ownership goals.

Here's a brief run down of Turner's forthcoming concept per his Kickstarter page:

Serving a depth and breadth of Hellenic cuisine like never before, Helen will be a revolutionary Greek restaurant for Houston. With food and beverage rooted firmly in classic Greek taverna cuisine, Helen takes a fresh and modern approach to Greek cooking. The taverna is the center of Greek social and dining life. Greece’s version of the bistro, the taverna is part watering hole, part social club and part diner. We will be that place for Houston. Highlighting food styles less familiar to Houstonians, our restaurant will push the envelope while retaining the heart of the simple, healthy and delicious style of food people have come to know and love from Greek cooking.

Helen will create a dynamic beverage program anchored by a solely Greek wine list. Something never experienced in Houston. We aim to create the taverna feel in a modern setting. A place guests can come regularly, throughout the week, day or night to enjoy a glass of wine with meze or a full meal.

Turner's $35,000 goal is reasonable, especially when compared to Maine-ly Sandwiches lofty $100,000. Even the rewards for Helen's are enticing. $10 for a meze and the opportunity to break a plate? Yes, please.

Do you know the location where Turner shot his Kickstarter video? Drop us a line with your guesses.