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Maxwell Street Grill Has Served Its Last Hot Dog on Almeda

You'll have to go elsewhere for a late night bite in the Museum District.

Jakeisha Wilmore

Catering to Houston's late night owls, hot dog purveyor Maxwell Street Grill was a welcome addition in Houston's Third Ward. Unfortunately, you'll have to go elsewhere for a bite to eat past 1 p.m. The Chicago import from Ken Reynolds and Roosevelt Brown is now closed.

The lights have been dim at the 4902 Almeda restaurant for two weeks. In January, hours were reduced, leaving the neighborhood short of a late night dining option after midnight. At the time, a worker disclosed the new hours were due to the weather. Without indoor seating, winter's cold had severely reduced the late night foot traffic the restaurant depended on.

"Yes, we are closed. [We] have to find a new location," said Brown when asked about the closure through an email. Brown wouldn't go into details about whether he and Reynolds were forced to close by their landlord or for other means. As to where Maxwell Street Grill will relocate to, Brown wasn't ready to share. If the restaurant will reopen, it's strange that the owners would delete the Facebook account associated with it.

The Chicagoland natives opened Maxwell Street Grill last March, quickly building a following with its Chicago-style hot dogs and sandwiches. Keeping their walk-up establishment open as late as 3 a.m. on the weekends, was an added bonus in a large city with few late night dining options. Maybe the duo will be able to resurrect Maxwell Street Grill elsewhere. Late night owls craving their Maxwell Street Polish — J.J. Sausage's kiełbasa is topped with grilled onions, mustard and peppers — are depending on it.

Maxwell Street Grill

4902 Almeda Rd, Houston, TX 77004 (713) 239-0154