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Pinkerton's Barbecue Wants to Beef Up Your Weekend with Free 'Cue

Free barbecue, anyone?

Pinkerton's Barbecue/Facebook

The Deal: Barbecued meats for zero dollars.

Where: Pinkerton's Barbecue (2612 Joanel St.)

: Saturday, March 14 at 1 p.m.

The Details: Grant Pinkerton of Pinkerton's Barbecue is offering barbecue fanatics a sneak peak of what's to come at his forthcoming brick-and-mortar location in River Oaks. Meet the pitmaster and dig into a plate of complimentary smoked meats. A limited number of barbecue offerings will be available, so get there early.

Pinkerton's Barbecue

2612 Joanel St, Houston, TX 77027 (832) 483-1919