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The Grove Do-Nutz Scraps Ramen Donuts From Menu

Apparently everyone wasn't a fan.

Sometimes combining two hot food trends doesn't work out.
Sometimes combining two hot food trends doesn't work out.
The Grove Do-Nutz/Facebook

Ramen remains a hot food trend across the nation, especially in Houston where quality bowls of the noodle soup continue to spring up, like recently opened Samurai Noodle and JINYA Ramen Bar. The noodle is so popular, restaurants have gotten creative (for better or worse) transferring the Japanese delicacy from bowls into burgers and doughnuts.

But what happens when two food trends are combined into one?  The results can vary. When New York City pastry wizard Dominique Ansel unveiled the Crount in 2013, his doughnut-croissant hybrid caused a frenzy across the nation. Unfortunately as Richmond's The Grove Do-Nutz & Deli found out, not all hybrids are created equal.

Last November, the gourmet doughnut shop outside of Sugar Land previewed a ramen doughnut that would make an appearance on the menu. Draped in maple frosting, the breakfast treat upped its wow factor with crisp maple bacon. Racking in plenty of likes on Facebook and Instagram, it became one of the most anticipated flavors the shop offered within its short time open.

Fast foward a few months later and the Maple Bacon Doughnut is no longer available. While listed on the chalkboard menu, Renda Hoang, wife and co-owner of The Grove Do-Nutz & Deli with husband Tam Hoang, says it's off the menu, most likely for good. "It wasn't selling well," says Hoang, hinting that despite tweaking the recipe multiple times before its debut, people just didn't care for it. "Tam does this a lot," shares Hoang who revealed that her husband is constantly in his doughnut lab endlessly working on new doughnuts to present to the public.

The Grove Do-Nutz offers an extensive menu of the fried circular treat that's worth every calorie and added pound to your figure. From Banana Pudding, French Toast to Creme Brulee, the Richmond doughnut spot out rival many of Houston's leading doughnut shops, but for ramen, you'll have to make your own.

The Grove Do-Nutz & Coffee

815 Plantation Dr, Ste 130, Richmond, TX 77406 (832) 586-8818

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