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Three New Food Vendors You Need to Seek Out at the Rodeo

Round up the herd and wrangle a few new bites available at the rodeo.

It's not a complete rodeo experience without a stop by the Midway for fried food on a stick.
It's not a complete rodeo experience without a stop by the Midway for fried food on a stick.
Terry nj/Flickr

If there were ever a reason to eat to your heart's content, it's the annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. It's the time of the year when everyone gorges on barbecue and just about anything of the deep-fried variety. Bonus points are awarded for food that's fried and on a stick - how else can you walk around and enjoy all the activities without making a mess?

The rodeo officially kicks off Tuesday, March 3 (and will run through Sunday, March 22),which means it's time to start formulating a plan of attack for this year's heart-clogging, caloric fried food fest. Funnel cakes are a must, as are deep-fried Twinkies and Oreos. Check and check. Same goes for barbecue and enormous turkey legs. But before you fill your to-do-list to the brim, save room for new dining options from three vendor making their rodeo debut.

  • Belgian Waffles is packing heat and frying it up into delightful morsels inside NRG Park. The fried sriracha balls — shredded chicken, tomatoes, green chilies, corn, green chilies, and sriracha are encrusted in tortilla chips, then deep-fried to perfection — will bring joy to loyal fans who will try nearly anything that includes the hot sauce. The newcomer is also serving a small roster of obligatory savory fried items that include biscuits and gravy, jalapeno corndog shrimp, and spinach and artichoke balls. On the sweet side, strawberry waffle balls and waffles on a stick served with choice of dipping sauce.

  • Need a break from barbecue and fried food? Visit Maine-ly Sandwiches located inside NRG Arena. Houston's dedicated lobster roll eatery is doling the East Coast treat along with servings of fried crab balls.

  • In the same vicinity as Maine-ly Sandwiches is where you'll find Stump’s Woodfired Pizza. On the menu? Neapolitan pizzas and sandwiches. If you prefer something light, Stump's also offers salads.