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Adam Dorris' Ghetto Dinner Pop-Up Returns for One Night Only

The no frills dinner makes a comeback in support of Melange Creperie's quest to go brick-and-mortar.

Moving Sidewalk/Facebook

A few days remain for Melange Creperie's Kickstarter to fund a brick-and-mortar restaurant for owner/crêpier Sean Carroll.  Joining in the effort to help Carroll reach his goal is Pax Americana's executive chef Adam Dorris and writer/food enthusiast Will Walsh.

The duo are dusting off one of their greatest hits and spinning pure gold once again with their infamous Ghetto Dinner. The widely popular pop-up dinner series took place at
Grand Prize Bar. Dorris and Walsh's dinners became a huge hit between 2010 and 2012 for serving highbrow fare at a ridiculously low price (a complete three-course meal would usually cost under $25). Long retired, the dinner is making a brief comeback tonight at Moving Sidewalk in support of Carroll.

Get ready to party like it's 2010 and prepare to indulge in one, two, or all five menu selections:

  • First of season strawberries and radish, roasted beets, dill and poppy seed vinaigrette ($10)

  • Chicken wings, "Sicilian Lifeguard" sauce, black currant, sunflower seed ($10)

  • Pork meatballs, braised kale, preserved mushroom, lemongrass broth ($15)

  • Braised and fried Chicken, stone ground polenta, pickled pepper slaw, toasted cumin buttermilk dressing ($20)

  • Sanguinaccio crepe mille feuille, hazelnut butter cream ($10)

  • Dinner kicks off at 7 p.m. Cash and credit cards will be accepted. All proceeds will go towards Melange Creperie's brick-and-mortar goal.

Moving Sidewalk

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