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6 Dishes to Order When Añejo Opens This Week

Peruse the menu of Tex-Mex elevated dishes available for dinner.


Uptown newcomer Añejo finally reveals its full dinner menu on its website. The restaurant, Lasco Enterprises latest concept (MAX's Wine Dive, The Tasting Room, Flow Juice Bar) will serve reimagined elevated Tex-Mex fare envisioned by chef Michael Pellegrino when it opens for dinner Tuesday, March 24.

In addition to some traditional Tex-Mex dishes, majority of Añejo's menu consists of modern takes on the classics. There's no sugar coating that parrilladas and wood-burning grill dishes are pricey, but for Lasco Enterprises' vision of elevated Tex-Mex, expect to pay a premium.

Here are six dishes to drool over now and try later when Añejo makes its grand debut in Uptown Park:

Shrimp a la Brazas

Photo: Julie Soefer

Essentially, this starter is a shrimp brochette with Gulf Coast shrimp wrapped in applewood-smoked bacon and skewered. The Tex-Mex component is applied with the addition of mellow Oaxaca cheese stuffed inside. Perched against a tiny grill on top of a small wooden table, guests can be their own grill master by adding more smokey elements to the dish. Accouterments include citrus butter served in a shot glass and a chili-lime jicama salad. ($19.50)

Queso Fondue

Photo: Julie Soefer

A fun and interactive dish for the table is Añejo's queso fondue. Presented in a miniature saucepan on top of a wooden cutting board, a blend of Asadero, Oaxaca and Chihuahua cheeses infused with charred serrano chilies. Ramekins of chopped onions, peppers and salsa are served alongside a habanero salsa sidecar, encouraging guests to customize their queso to their liking. ($16.50)

Oysters Añejo

Photo: Julie Soefer

Velvety creamed spinach adorn Gulf Coast oysters with diced peppers and aromatics added for an extra kick of flavor. The oysters are finished with mild Chihuahua and salty cotija cheeses broiled on top. ($16)

French Pressed Tortilla Sopa

Photo: Julie Soefer

This isn't your average chicken tortilla soup, rather an elevated interpretation of what chicken tortilla soups aspires to be. Free range chicken is slowly braised, then served in a bowl with corn and avocado relish topped with cotija cheese and cumin crème. French pressed ancho chili broth is served tableside, completing the soup's final transformation. Crispy strips of tortillas and lime complement the dish. ($12)

Tequila Honey Lobster Tail

Photo: Julie Soefer

This 8-oz. broiled cold-water lobster tail is one of several seafood entrées on the menu. Grilled over a mesquite and Texas oak wood-burning fire, with a Casa Dragones tequila spiked honey butter brushed all over, the dish is served alongside a charred lime. ($39)

Añejo Rack of Lamb

Photo: Julie Soefer

Another wood-grilled entrée includes the rack of lamb encrusted with Texas pecans. Grilled over a mesquite and Texas oak wood-burning fire,lamb is placed on top of a sweet corn emulsion alongside jalapeno-cilantro jelly. ($58 half rack; $99 full rack)


1180 Uptown Park Blvd Ste 1, Houston, TX 77056 (713) 963-9032 Visit Website