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Seafood Sommeliers Really Exisit and They're at Houston's Peska Seafood Culture

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Houston's most anticipated seafood restaurant opens soon in the Galleria area.

Peska Seafood Culture/Facebook

BLVD Place's Phase 2 has quickly taken shape on the corner of Post Oak and San Felipe. Within a year, Whole Foods Market Brewing (the organic grocer's first ever in-store brewery), health food focused True Food Kitchen, rustic Italian restaurant North Italia and Pinkberry debuted, but one of Houston's most anticipated eateries will make its grand entrance in the Galleria area in April.

The family behind Mexico-based La Trainera restaurants brings its unique concept to the states, opening its first U.S. location in Houston. PESKA Seafood Culture combines a seafood market inside of a restaurant, which in these parts of Texas isn't that unusual, except this is a high-end eatery. Upping the ante in its 6,000 square-foot restaurant is a full scale market, which offers seafood from around the world not easily accessible to the general public.

But that's not all.

According to Houston Chronicle, the Mexican import will also feature seafood sommeliers. Let that sink in for a minute. Someone trained in all-things-seafood comes to your table, brings your attention to their curated list and then breaks down the best preparations for said seafood. Is your mind blown? It should be.

Led by 20-year-old culinary genius and executive chef, Omar Pereney, PESKA Seafood Culture will showcase seafood around the world. But don't expect an entire menu of upscale Mexican dishes. Pereney and team will feature an array of global cuisine in its fresh seafood dishes.

Highlights include "onion ash-crusted tuna; miso bacalao; striped bass with olive oil, lime juice and capers," Pernod-infused lobster "cappuccino" and selection of scallops, oysters, shrimp and clams from the raw bar. An ongoing tradition in its La Trainera restaurants, PESKA Seafood Culture will also offer housemade fresh fruit popsicles in addition to desserts.

Peska Seafood Culture

1700 Post Oak Blvd Ste 190, Houston, TX 77056