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Nothing But Love Between Doc's Motorworks and Bobby Heugel

The Austin-import shows neighborly love but stands by its beloved cocktail.

Doc's Motorworks/Instagram
Say what you will about Doc's Motorworks, but there's no denying the bar and grill is a class act. Case in point: being a good sport and supportive neighbor.

Last week, Houston's King of Cocktails, Bobby Heugel, voiced his displeasure with the Flying Longhorn, the bar's signature drink and its price. The cocktail includes orange flavored vodka, Red Bull and Everclear priced at nearly $10, almost as much as Heugel's hand-crafted cocktail a few blocks over at Anvil Bar & Refuge. Instead of disparaging words for the master bartender, Doc's Motorworks took the high road a road less traveled these day displaying a message for Heugel on its marquee:

Bobby Heugel, thank you for being a wonderful and supportive neighbor.

Pure class act. Although the bar would be remiss if it didn't defend the drink, which it did earlier this week on Instagram:

Heugel's response, "Cheers! Glad to have yall a block away! Service was top-notch and had a great time watching the games. Sorry I don't dig on Everclear and Red Bull, but I'm sure my two brothers at UT do. each their own!"

So there you go. All is well in the 'Trose and the Everclear continues to flow on at Doc's. In case you're wondering what's the big deal regarding the Flying Longhorn, a spokesperson provides this bit of history on the bar's widely-popular drink:

The Flying Longhorn was created in 2005 when Doc's first opened on South Congress in Austin. In "UT" spirit, we held Longhorn watch parties, offering a tasty cocktail that represented the hope that the Longhorn's would soar to victory, calling it, the "Flying Longhorn". After the University of Texas won the National Championship in 2005, the drink special was removed from our menu. Once the season started back up again, Longhorn faves asked us to add our Flying Longhorn back to the menu for good luck, and from there it's history. The drink never left the menu, and now Austin and Houston patrons can indulge in a cocktail that has "a ho lotta sumpthin sumpthin".

Doc’s Motorworks Bar & Grill

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