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Main Street Possibly Gaining Another Bar, This Time in Midtown

Bustling street is increasing its nightlife options.

The party just won't stop on Main Street. As nightlife venues increase in numbers on the bustling street downtown, neighboring Midtown is getting in on the Main Street action. Joining the party are new additions to the proposed Midtown Superblock, an area encompassing several blocks between Travis and Main. According to a listing posted to several months ago, local real estate firm Common Ground plans to build a development housing several restaurants and a club on Main, between Mcllhenny and Hadley. It appears the venue has found its first tenant, a club/bar.

A lounge by the name of Suede Cafe and Lounge appears on renderings, which city records show Piran Esfahani as owner. Esfahani was a bartender at Zimm's Martini & Wine Bar (now known as Zimm's) and prior to that, involved in real estate, so his possible involvement makes sense. However, a nightclub named Clé could be possible contender. The club's Facebook page shows 2301 Main, same as the new development under construction. It's described as being an "upscale day/night club located in Midtown."

An inquiry to Common Ground's Adam Brackman regarding the new concept wasn't returned immediately. Whichever lounge is in the works, it's on track to opening before next year possibly. Construction has been ongoing for several weeks on the corner of Main and Mcllhenny on the new development.