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Is Pi Pizza Truck One Step Closer to a Brick-and-Mortar Shop?

The late night pizza truck may be settling down permanent roots.

Anthony Calleo, owner of Pi Pizza Truck
Anthony Calleo, owner of Pi Pizza Truck
Pi Pizza Truck/Instagram
Anthony Calleo is determined to expand his pie creation business beyond food trucks. Owner of Pi Pizza Truck, Houston's first gourmet pizzeria on wheels, Calleo has actively scouted locations for months, seeking the perfect spot (and reasonable rent) for his first brick-and-mortar restaurant. Is it possible he struck the jackpot?

A recent update to Pi Pizza Truck's social media accounts strongly hints that a brick-and-mortar may be a reality:

It's too soon to tell if this is the real deal for Calleo. The young cook has come across spaces before but for one reason or another, (possibly leasing agreements coupled with astronomical rent as he somewhat alluded to in Eater's year end survey) Calleo hasn't settled on a location. One can only hope that another late night dedicated pizza shop is one the way and that hope is joint from Calleo.

Pi Pizza Truck

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