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Asia Market Has Served Its Last Meal on Calvacade

Owners close in-store restaurant to focus on bigger plans ahead.


It's time to start looking for another restaurant to service your Thai cravings for a while. Asia Market's in-store restaurant at 1010 West Calvacade has closed. The restaurant known for its authentic Thai dishes and beloved by many of Houston's prominent chefs discontinued dining services Sunday, March 29.

Owners Lawrence and Narumol (Noi) Allen released an email statement late Friday evening announcing the closure. The couple also disclosed their involvement with the market will cease entirely as a new owner prepares to take over Wednesday, April 1. "This will allow us time to fully focus on our new location on Fulton," notes the Allens who are embarking on a new journey, Asia Market's first stand-alone restaurant.

The Allens unveiled their expansion plans last month, announcing the move to 4822 Fulton. Offering more space to accommodate their legion of fans, the couple expect to reopen as a full service restaurant by late June, provided renovations are completed in time.

Since taking the reins of Asia Market in 2007 (according to state records), the Allens have taken great strides in providing quality ingredients and service. After the addition of the restaurant component, the market solidified its cozy in-store eatery as one of Houston's top Thai destinations. Undoubtedly fans of Asia Market will miss the dishes served while the restaurant is on hiatus, something the Allens are fully aware of, acknowledging in the email, "sorry for leaving all our fans without us but once we return all will see it was worth the wait." Of course it will be.

Asian Market Thai Food

1010 Calvacade, Houston, TX 77022