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Get Ready for Houston's First Food Hall, Opening Inside Prohibition

The city is finally catching up with the rest of the country.

What secrets lie beneath the paper covered windows at Prohibition's next concept?
What secrets lie beneath the paper covered windows at Prohibition's next concept?
Jakeisha Wilmore

Houston Business Journal and Houston Chronicle first reported of Prohibition's plans to open a beer garden last year. It wasn't until recently that owners Liam Pham and Anh Mai drew attention to Conservatory, their underground upcoming project. Located inside the space adjacent to their roaring 20's themed supperclub, work on the beer garden has been taking place for weeks.  Now, more details about the concept are beginning to emerge as the partners ready for a debut towards the end of summer. 

According to Houston Business Journal, Conservatory will occupy the basement of Prohibition, "adorned with a 20-foot living wall and a greenhouse under the staircase." What's more, Mai and Pham are adding a food hall. A mixed-use space with a variety of vendors serving meals, food halls are all the rage these days. They're a big hit in New York City and have been rapidly expanding in San Fransisco, Portland and Seattle.

Conservatory's food hall will be a first for Houston and will showcase four vendors in stalls, plus two carts. Mai tells the Journal there will be a one- to two-year lease in place for vendors, each bringing varied dining options to the concept. Late hours will attract downtown's late-night owls seeking good food and beer in a casual environment.

Joining Conservatory in expanding downtown's night life offerings this year, Barringer Bar & Lounge, a concept from the group behind Pub Fiction and Crisp, Bovine and Barley and a bar possibly from the group responsible for bring Wooster's Garden to Midtown.


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