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In-N-Out Burger Wants You to Know Houston Isn't In the Works Yet

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When will the California burger chain land in Houston?

King Grecko/Flickr

In-N-Out, the California-based burger chain with a cult-like following continues to pop-up across the state. Most recently, San Antonio received its first burger shop in November but Houston, the state's largest city remains without. With additional locations in Dallas and Austin, it begs the question that's likely been on the minds of every burger-loving Houstonian, what gives?

It's been long rumored of In-N-Out opening in Houston, but year after year, the city is passed over in favor of our neighbors in Central and North Texas. Is that likely to change this year? It appears not. A fan asked the burger chain over the weekend about its plans for Houston on Facebook. In-N-Out provided this response:

A representative with the chain replied:

We don’t have anything planned for Houston at this time, but we are still working on our expansion in Texas and hope to have the opportunity to reach more customers in the future. We’ll make sure to keep your interest in mind. Thanks for your post!

In-N-Out vice president Carl Van Fleet provided a similar response to CultureMap last year. What are supposed to words of hope like "we do hope to be there in the future" and "we don't have anything planned at this time" feels more like word games at this point. That's perfectly fine. We're Burgertown, USA, home to some outstanding grilled beef patty options like Hubcap Grill and Bernie's Burger Bus, whose Detention burger slays In-N-Out's infamous Animal style burger.

So keep your Double Double burger for now, In-N-Out, Houston will stick with Underbelly's Cease and Desist. Or maybe the city will direct its attention towards Shake Shack, who's supposedly scouting locations around town.