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The Burger Joint Readies for June Opening in Montrose

The menu will include 24 beers on tap and plenty of side dishes.

Construction moves forward at the former Little Bigs
Construction moves forward at the former Little Bigs
Ellie Sharp

As you know, Shawn Bermudez (Stone’s Throw, Royal Oaks) and Matthew Pak are charging ahead on plans for The Burger Joint, an accessible burger-centric restaurant headed for the old Little Bigs address in Montrose. Today Bermudez and Pak share more details on the menu.

Beyond the expected freshly prepared burgers, the menu will delve into sausages, hot dogs, and other sandwiches in addition to hot and cold sides such as macaroni salad, potato salad, house chili, onion rings, and possibly even a signature mac 'n' cheese. Burger riffs will span from a bacon cheeseburger and mushroom burger to a Korean bbq burger and a Gouda burger with bacon jam.

An important differentiator from the loads of nearby fast food options: Bermudez says that most items will be made in-house or sourced locally, using beef from 44 Farms. Guests can balance the savory selections with 24 tap beers and chile-spiked shakes to round things out.

Bermudez and Pak are designing the renovated space to include a new bar, more trees around the generous patio. A stunning classic neon sign will grace the restaurant serving double duty as artful flair and burger beacon. Though this is Pak’s first brick and mortar establishment he isn’t giving up on the food trucks (Golden Grill, Koagie Hots, Correanos) from whence he came. The Burger Joint will roll out its companion food truck this weekend with a condensed menu of five to seven burgers, a few non-burger options and sides. As of now, the restaurant is slated to open soon thereafter, in June.