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Rumor Confirmed: Simone on Sunset Reopening in Houston's Rice Village

Rejoice, wine lovers!

Simone on Sunset
Simone on Sunset
Simone on Sunset/Facebook

The rumor mills strike gold again. After last week's alert from a tipster revealing rumored plans of Simone on Sunset's return, the Rice Village wine bar confirms it is rising from the dead and opening in its former 2418 Sunset Boulevard location. "It is official (and now public knowledge), that Simone on Sunset will be resurrected," writes a representative in an email statement. Acknowledging previous findings, the email disclosed a tentative opening date of mid-May.

You may recall the wine bar closed in December after a bitter lockout dispute between chef/co-owner Kristen Powell and landlord Fred Sharifi. While Powell has moved on to other ventures, new management has taken over the property and the bar will remain as Simone on Sunset.

As for the burning question regarding the return of steak night posed in last week's rumor piece, the answer is a firm yes. "Many things will stay the same, such as happy hour, burger night and steak night," according to the wine bar's representative who also notes "some of the favorite previous employees are coming back."

Nearby wine bar Bacco, located off Westpark has certainly benefited from Simone on Sunset's brief hiatus, but the bar is hopeful former patrons will find their way back. "We look forward to giving a home back to all of our orphans who have been searching for a replacement."

Simone on Sunset

2418 Sunset Boulevard, , TX 77005 (346) 980-8107 Visit Website

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