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What to Eat at Minute Maid Park, Home of the Astros

Baseball season has arrived along with new stadium food offerings.

Mintute Maid Park
Mintute Maid Park
Brian Just Got Back From.../Flickr

Arrive hungry and prepare for a great season of baseball with the Astros at Minute Maid Park. The 2015 baseball season will be an exciting one on and off the field, especially as food offerings become more diverse and outrageous with each year.

Gone are the days when your only food options were hot dogs, nachos, stale peanuts and popcorn. Here to stay are a growing variety of fun options that makes a day to the ballpark that much more enjoyable. From crab-topped hotdogs to smoked gouda meatballs, here is your guide to the best food stands to visit and what to order.

Minute Maid Park's Five Standouts

Urban Bistro

One of several new concepts to open in the newly renovated Club Level, this is where you'll want to go when popcorn and hot dog just won't cut it. Menu highlights include baked Italian sausage stromboli and grilled beef/veggie kabobs with rice pilaf. Feeling fancy? Go for seared tuna served on a bed of sautéed spinach, a jumbo smoked gouda stuffed meatball accompanied by five cheese truffle mac and cheese topped with garlic panko crumbs, grilled shrimp scampi & linguini. Lighter options are available through a variety of salads. The Mediterranean is a must-order with chopped cucumbers, peppers, red onions, olives and feta cheese.

Where to find it: Section 226, Club Level

[Photo: Jakeisha Wilmore]

Texas Smoke

If you're craving Texas barbecue, mosey on over to celebrity chef and long-time Astros supporter Bryan Caswell's in-stadium barbecue spot. Barbecue staples include brisket and chopped beef sandwiches. Smoked turkey is on the menu but if you want to hit a home run, don't deprive yourself of the baked potato loaded with chopped brisket.

Where to find it: Section 125, Main Concourse; Section 406, Upper Concourse

[Photo: JuliaMoralesRS/Twitter]

El Real Tex-Mex

Popcorn, Cracker Jack and hot dogs may be traditional baseball fare, but a stadium in Texas must have Tex-Mex options. That's where this concession stand excels. Restaurateurs Bryan Caswell and Bill Floyd (Reef, Little Bigs, Jackson Street BBQ) along with partner and respected food author Robb Walsh offer an abbreviated menu of their Montrose outpost. Go for cooked-to-order beef and chicken fajitas or tackle the piled-high-to-the-sky nachos.

Where to find it: Section 125, Main Concourse; Section 215, Club Level

[Photo: Jakeisha Wilmore]


This two-level restaurant and sportsbar named after the jersey numbers of Astros living legends Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio, offers a little bit of everything but in Texas-sized portions. Your best bets here include chicken wings (choice of hot & spicy, Thai barbecue and mango jalapeno), Crown Maple barbecue burger (Crown Royal Maple barbecue sauce, pepper bacon, fried onions, cheddar, lettuce, tomato served on a Challah roll), beer can chicken and Tex-Mexified cannolis filled with Mexican chocolate mousse. Celebrate a win (or drown your sorrows) at FiveSeven Loft, the upstairs bar with a roster of tequilas.

Where to find it: Main Concourse, Center Field

[Photo: FiveSevenGrille/Facebook]

Bake & Scoop

All of your sweet-tooth staples are served at this new Club Level addition, including fresh baked cookies, cinnamon rolls, jumbo-sized rice crispy treats, fruit tarts and cupcakes. A scoop or two of Blue Bell ice cream comes in handy on days the temps climb higher than 90 degrees.

Where to find it: Section 219, Club Level

[Courtesy photo]

Honorable Mentions

Main Concourse

  • Hand Made Funnel Cakes: One can never go wrong with fried dough and powdered sugar, right? [Sections 105]
  • Little Bigs: There's no escaping a Bryan Caswell concept in Minute Maid Park, so just go with it and order the sliders at this mini-version of his popular tiny burger shop in the Museum District. Your taste buds will thank you later. [Sections 110]
  • Street Eats: Food truck fare without the hassle of chasing down a truck. Do yourself a favor and go for the crawfish empanadas, pulled pork tacos or brisket curly fries, each are new items on the menu this year. Equally awesome and also new is the chicken waffle. Who needs a fork when you can bite into a glorious waffle cone stuffed with mashed potatoes and fried chicken with a drizzle of honey mustard on top? [Section 124]
  • Saint Arnold Beer Bar: A craft brew hub featuring seasonal Saint Arnold beers. [Section 104]

Club Level

  • Liquid Bar: A place that offers a fully-stocked bar complete with frozen margaritas and wine? Best. Baseball. Outing. Ever. [Sections 210 and 228]
  • The Butcher: This barbecue hub offered hand-carved smoked brisket and ribs. Want your meat in sandwich form? No problem. Loaded and stuffed in a baked spud? Challenge accepted. [Section 224]

  • The Caz: Head here for no-fuss to gourmet burgers from Bryan Caswell. Best bets here are the Daisy Cutter (beef patty topped with pepper jack cheese, roasted poblano peppers, house fried onions and sriracha mayo served on a challah bun) or the South Paw Chicken Sandwich (fried chicken breast topped with a smoky remoulade, fresh pickles and jalapeno slaw sandwiched between a challah bun) [Section: 230]
  • The Park Stadium Classics: Here's where you'll find classic ballpark fare like hot dogs and nachos. Freshly popped popcorn is new to the menu. Take it up a notch with the Baltimore Dog (a hot dog topped with crab and mac and cheese) or the Southern Comfort Dog (a hot dog topped with mac and cheese, bacon and jalapenos). [Section 231]

Upper Concourse

  • Astros Sizzling Extreme Grill: Despite the name, the specialty hot dogs served here are quite tame but fun nonetheless. Build your own creation or try one of several crafted ones like Houston Chronicle's Ken Hoffman dog served New York-style with sauerkraut and spicy brown mustard. [Section 418]
  • Home Plate Blue Bell Ice Cream Parlor: As if you need a reason why this should be a priority visit but in case you do, here are two words to sway you: Homemade. Vanilla. [Section 423]
  • Karbach Bar: Grab one of Houston's favorite brews here. [Section 423]

Minute Maid Park

501 Crawford Street, Houston, TX 77002 713 493 6558

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