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5 Things to Expect When SaltAir Seafood Kitchen Sets Sail in Upper Kirby

Seafood, seafood and more seafood.

SaltAir Seafood Kitchen/Facebook

SaltAir Seafood Kitchen, Charles Clark and Grant Cooper's forthcoming restaurant, is on track to open this summer. Replacing Brio Tuscan Grille and Pesce before it, the eatery will be the duo's first seafood-centric concept. In addition to a greater focus on fresh seafood with dishes from Chef Brandi Keys, here are five things to expect from SaltAir Seafood Kitchen.

  1. Global Presence
    The seafood selection will span the globe and the menu will change often. Chef Key will highlight the origins of each seafood each dish prepared.

  2. Cold Bar
    SaltAir Seafood Kitchen will provide a wide-ranging of raw seafood including oysters harvested from the Gulf Coast, as well as the East and West. Additionally, there will be a variety of crudos and ceviches on the menu.

  3. The Seafood Will Be the Star
    Chef Key will keep the dishes simple, allowing the main ingredient to shine. Expect to see salt and pepper calamari, crab Louie, whole roasted fish and more classic fare on the menu which will include locally sourced produce.

  4. More Than Seafood
    Although seafood is at the heart of the concept, the menu will incorporate other proteins like cornish hen, lamb and beef.

  5. The Wines
    As with all Clark Cooper Concepts, expect a curated moderately-priced wine list.

SaltAir Seafood Kitchen

3029 Kirby Drive, , TX 77098 (713) 521-3333 Visit Website