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Sneak Peek La Grange, Montrose's New Coastal Mexican Stunner

Houston bar vets ready the big reveal on a bar-centric new meeting spot.

Inside La Grange.
Inside La Grange.
Facebook/La Grange

Things are coming together at La Grange, the highly anticipated coastal Mexican bar and restaurant headed to the former EJ's in Montrose. The owners are bar heavy hitters Sara and Rob Cromie (Cottonwood, Liberty Station) in partnership with Harres Exezid and Jake Rainey (Flying Saucer). Cottonwood chef Daniel Ajtai is doing up the menu with booze-friendly small plates and such. And although many food details are still coming together, management is hiring for the front and back of house and — based on some pretty Facebook pictures that went up yesterday — the interior is looking just about ready for the big reveal.

Outside La Grange. [Photo: Facebook]

As mentioned, the decor at La Grange won't be overly themey and it's looking like a nice mix of strung lights, compelling art works, and eye-catching light fixtures. Outside, all kinds of tropical plant life play to the bar's beachy theme (pictured right). Bar manager Linda Salinas will oversee a collection of craft beers, tequila and mezcal to be free-flowing at three different bars: one on the patio, one downstairs and one on the second floor for events and spillover on busy nights. When it opens, La Grange will be dinner only with Friday lunch and brunch on the weekends. Check back for an opening date soon.

La Grange

2517 Ralph Street, Houston, TX 77006, USA