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Dosi Isn't Closing, It's Shifting Focus

The popular modern Asian restaurant will offer a new menu, starting on May 15.


Although news broke earlier this week that modern Korean restaurant Dosi was set to close and rebrand, it turns out that there was an email miscommunication between the PR team and owner An Vo. When reached for comment today, Vo confirms that the restaurant isn't closing, merely going "back to its roots" in more approachable dishes.

Chef Jordan Asher will be moving into a consult role for a menu of more casual fare like pork belly buns, dumplings, bo ssam and more. Sous chef Daniel Toro will take some time off before figuring out his next move.

According to Vo, the reason for the shift is that Asher's chef-driven menu didn't take off as much as he wanted it to, so they're going for "more fun, more hip" and a greater focus on the existing soju program. This new approach also means lower prices. "Our current menu falls in the ten to 26 dollar range," adds Vo. "The new menu will be between ten and 15."  The team is doing research and development this week and the new menu will be rolling out in full force on Friday May 15. All together now, Dosi fans, exhale.

Dosi Restaurant & Soju Bar

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