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The Hottest Food Trucks in Houston Worth Running Down

Houston's food truck scene is booming.

Photo via Mobile Mug/Facebook
Photo via Mobile Mug/Facebook

Hey Houston, remember when the food truck scene was a humble band of rollers?

Times are changing with limitations being lifted by the city this past August, shifts are making way for a new crop of food truck vendors and new designated food truck parks. From the gourmet to the classic Americana we've compiled a list of the trucks worthy of a following some newcomers, a top-rated food cart (it has wheels), and a slew of veterans to try this Summer.

The following trucks — listed alphabetically — are veterans and relative newcomers.

Chocolate Wasted

Chocolate Wasted/Facebook


As of June 27th, Chocolate Wasted, finds an additional home (sans wheels) on the East End, but Houston Eater can confirm the bus will continue to serve frosty treats. The ice cream bus specializes in handcrafted artisan ice cream and handmade popsicles.

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Cousins Maine Lobster

Cousins Maine Lobster/Facebook


Born and raised in Maine, Former ABC's Shark Tank contestants, Jim Tselikis and Sabin Lomac, wanted to bring a taste of their heritage into a food truck empire. They found success in L.A. and have since launched over ten new trucks, including a Houston franchise this past January. Houstonian Neil Werner bought the franchise and serves up shrimp tacos, lobster quesadillas and more.

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Melange Creperie

Melange Creperie/Facebook


Yes, absolutely, unequivocally, yes — Melange Creperie is worth the line. The crepeire was successfully funded this March on crowd-sourcing website Kickstarter, surpassing his $50,000 goal by $984. While Owners/Couple Sean Carroll and Tish Ochoa are busy working on their brick-and-mortar site you can still catch the Melange cart at the bustling East End Farmers Market and the Urban Harvest Farmers Market. And we are very excited to report straight from Carroll/Ochoa you'll soon be able to find Melange Creperie at the HEB in Montrose.

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Mingo's Latin Kitchen

Mingo's Latin Kitchen/Facebook


Relatively new to the scene Mingo's Latin Kitchen opened this April. With well-priced Southern and Latin-inspired dishes, like their brisket taco and masa fries, we expect the truck will continue to gain in popularity.

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Mobile Mug

Mobile Mug/Facebook


The tiniest of Clark-Cooper's Concepts (Ibiza, Coppa Osteria, Brasserie 19; Punk's Simple Southern Food) hit the streets less than 6 months ago, as a coffeehouse on wheels offering Illy caffeinated beverages and delicious cinnamon rolls. Their cinnamon rolls have developed a bit of a cult-following not surprising, given they're made from scratch. The rolls are hand-rolled at Punks and baked fresh in the van each morning. There's a rumor Mobile Mug has plans to add a second truck, and when reached for comment management stated they do in fact plan to expand, "but there is no specific timeline at this point."

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Oh my Gogi! Oh My Gogi!/Facebook

Oh My Gogi!/Facebook


Never let it be said that Houstonians don't do fusion well Oh My Gogi! a blend of Mexican and Korean is a combination of bold flavors and a lot of spicy sauce. Despite their initial few months of HPD harassment, this truck has kept on well trucking.

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With a secret family cookie recipe and premium ice cream, SMOOSH, is Houston's newest food truck specializing in custom ice cream cookie sandwiches. The perfect treat for the Houston summers.

Photo via SMOOSH FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

The Cheesy Rider

The Cheesy Rider/Facebook


A build-your-own grilled cheese food truck customers choose their own bread like challah and sourdough, followed by choice of spreads, fruit, veggies and of course, cheese. Craving something sweet? Try the S'more a combination of marshmallow fluff, graham cracker crumbs, mascarpone cheese sandwiched between French toast.

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The modular

The modular/Facebook


Fans of the Modular, the food trailer Joshua Martinez and friends ran outside of Grand Prize years ago—before his time became occupied by Goro & Gun—were delighted when Martinez revitalized the mobile option last February. The trend-setting truck offers high-concept plates, like lobster risotto and bone marrow, but san a stuffy white tablecloth.

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The Toasted

The Toasted/Htown Food Truck Reviews


This isn't your average sandwich truck The Toasted, is Houston's very first gourmet Salvadorian-American fusion truck. The combination of ingredients might not seem daunting, but disregard your conventional idea of a bland pb&j and order The Rasta, a grilled sandwich with peanut butter, fried plantains, and bacon.

Photo on Facebook and Twitter.

Who did we miss? What's your favorite food truck in Houston? Let us know in the comments.