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Emily Bond IN as Editor of Eater Houston

Eater is pleased to announce that Emily Bond has joined the Houston team as Editor. Emily is a seasoned writer, editor, social media guru, and one-time president of Houston-based Panhandler Poetry Quarterly. A native Houstonian and University of Houston alumna, Bond toyed with the idea of becoming a sommelier when she hit 18, then decided an editorial career was a better bet. When she's not writing, you can find her sniffing out above average roadside barbecue all over Texas. Bond replaces former Eater Houston editor Jakeisha Wilmore, who departed in April.

Please give a big welcome to Ms. Bond down below. Or, if you favor more intimate means of connection, reach her at She is entrenched in the restaurant scene, but as always, your tips and gossip are appreciated. We're damn excited she's here and look forward to her coverage.