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The Essential Breakfast Sandwiches in Houston

The beginning of your day is only as good as the breakfast sandwich between your hands.

Common Bond Chorizo Torta
Common Bond Chorizo Torta
Facebook/Common Bond

There are breakfast sandwiches worth waking up early for. Breakfast sandwiches worth spilling onto your work clothes and gleefully laughing, because no one, I said no one can take away those first few bites of bliss from you. When granola will not do, breakfast sandwiches will.

We're looking for the Common Bond Chorizo Torta of breakfast sandwiches. The Cafe Brasil Fried Egg Sandwich and the flakey fluffy Biscuit Sandwich at Blacksmith. We're on the hunt for Houston's essential breakfast sandwiches.

So let us know, who's got it? Hit is up on via Twitter or Facebook with your suggestions. Check back next week for a handy map of your top picks. [EHOU]


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