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Tacos with Cult-Following Now at Two Different Restaurant Locations

J n' B Tacos Now at Two Different Restaurant Locations

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It appears The El Cantina Superior's cult status J n' B Tacos are available at not one, but two popular spots in Houston. In December, F.E.E.D. TX Restaurant Group announced a partnership to take over operations from Ken Bridge/Delicious Concepts at his fledgling The El Cantina Superior, located at the corner of Studewood and White Oak. Operator Lee Ellis and Chef Lance Fegan (Liberty Kitchen, forthcoming Lee's Fried Chicken & Donuts) created entirely new food and bar menus including the instantly popular J&B Tacos a nod to the Jack In the Box classic fried tacos, taken up a notch with quality ingredients and a zesty taco sauce. The group also initiated a re-training of the staff to provide better service.

Suddenly in mid-May, F.E.E.D. TX sent out a press release wishing Bridge the best of luck with the new menu and service training, further stating they would no longer be involved. Around the same time, many The El Cantina Superior patrons began to note sudden changes with various aspects of the new menu and issues with service. One yelper, Angela F. put it bluntly, "This is Texas and we take any type of Mexican or Tex Mex, Mex mex or whatever, as seriously as guns, freedom, and beer. If I'm going out, especially for Mex, I'm going for consistency. So far, not so good in this area." She wasn't alone in her assessment  reviews from May 15th onward mirror similar sentiments.

Despite, devoted followers continued to express concerns about the fate of the tacos. Luckily, they've shown up on the new menu down the street at Liberty Kitchen & Oyster Bar on Studewood at 11th, with a slightly different name: Lance's Original J n' B crispy tacos. The plate includes two tacos with no sides for $8.25. Meanwhile at The El, you can still order the J ‘n B Dorado plate (pictured below) — with two tacos beans and rice — for $13.75

Has anyone tried the tacos at both locations? If so, which one is better? Do tell in the comments.

Liberty Kitchen & Oyster Bar

1050 Studewood St, Houston, TX 77008 (713) 802-0531 Visit Website

The El Cantina Superior

602 Studewood St, Houston, TX 77007 (832) 203-5180 Visit Website