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Where can you find the ultimate Queso in Houston?

El Tiempo Cantina
El Tiempo Cantina
Houston Chronicle

Houston's queso scene is far from lacking.

The cheesy delight is a basic food group to Houstonians, and with a multitude of options out there we want to know, who has the ultimate queso? The queso you dream about while on vacations far away from any decent Tex-Mex. The sort of queso you crave and makes you ponder have there ever really been any other quesos before this very queso?

Is it Beaver's "Knocked Up," a beefy and smoky concoction or Torchy's spicy queso with loads of green chiles? Does Ninfa's on Navigation still reign supreme, or has she slipped to Cycolone Anaya's sautéed spinach queso? What about Escalante's white cheese dip served with ground beef and green peppers on the side?

Could it be El Tiempo Cantina's slightly on the thin side queso, but with fresh tomatoes and thick salty tortilla chips? We want to know, in your opinion, what's the best queso in Houston?

We'll compile a map after everyone chimes in.