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Eater Houston Cheap Eats Week Starts Right NOW

It's time to pinch wallets, but not our appetites.

Velvet Taco
Velvet Taco
Velvet Taco/Facbook

Thus begins Eater Houston's Cheap Eats Week. We're diving mouth first into Houston's most savory, most delectable, most easy-on the budgets eats around the city. Starting first with a map of the new and notable, to an Eater-wide challenge of foodies surviving on $10 a day (excluding tax and tip) and more thrift-centric posts throughout the week. While we embark on this frugal joinery, let us know in the comments if you know where we could have eaten for cheaper or for better. Or if you'd just like to share a personal favorite cheap eat, we'd love to know abut it.

Want to play along in the $10 a day challenge? Check out Eater New York's post going over the rules and regulations with a few FAQ's. The week begins now July 13 and will last until (you fall into an overpriced cookie) until July 17.

Let us know if you try it out by tagging @EaterHouston on twitter or Facebook with #thecontest