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Houston's Ultimate Pizza Delivery

Not quite a vegetable, but definitely an essential food group.

Bacon and Egg Pizza with gooey yolk in the middle.
Bacon and Egg Pizza/North Italia
Ellie Sharp

UPDATE: The readers have spoken, so congratulations are in order to Pink's Pizza. Pizza L'Vino was a close second, Fuzzy's and Luigi's Pizzeria tying for third.

Pizza  once defined by Congress as a vegetable, is to say the least a fairly essential food group. And certainly the Neapolitan classic at Dolce Vita or the thicker Chicago-style from Star Pizza is worth sitting down for, but we've got to know — who's got the best pizza delivered in town?

Is it Pink's Pizza, Bombay Pizza Co., or Pizza L'Vino? Or maybe you're a brand purist and it's Pizza Hut all the way? Could it be the iconic Frank's? Or one of Eater's essentials from last year?

Take the poll below, or let us know in the comments, @EaterHouston on twitter/Facebook who you think delivers the ultimate pizza in Houston.