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Sneak Peek Inside Nourish Juice and Wellness Bar

Opening Report, Nourish Juice and Wellness Bar opens July 29 on West Gray.

Jessica Huffman has been in the nutrition game for some time and, noticing a lack of healthy grab-and-go options in the city, decided to do something about it by creating Nourish Juice and Wellness Bar. The health-conscious concept is days away from opening (July 29) and what distinguishes Nourish from other juice bars is Huffman's background in science (double major in biology and chemistry). Paired with her passion for clean-living and a focus on community resources, Huffman's method has a synergy to it — formulated recipes to heighten nutrient intake without losing out on taste.

"We use oils in our juices, to help you absorb their fat soluble vitamins," Huffman told Eater.

Each juice is made fresh daily, not using High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) like some popular juice brands, "I'm trying to take the juice world back from being commercial, like the Jamba Juices, to what it used to be," something organic, something fresher. Each juice has anywhere from three to six pounds of produce in each bottle, are cold-pressed and 100% organic. Nourish will also serve smoothies, feature a grab and go section, as well as acai bowls and a few more healthy treats.

Nourish Juice and Wellness Bar

Herringbone tile frames a glass-walled prep-area in the right corner of the space. Copper-toned metal bar stools and wired rimmed light fixtures juxtapose with Huffman's design of natural elements in the store, like hanging glass terrariums and a faux green-wall pillar.

The signature emblem of the concept is a ripe orange with a heart in the center, indicative of Huffman's hope to bring nourishment and a lot of love to her patrons.