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Opening Report: Morningstar Coffee Shop, Axelrad Beer Garden and Jaxton's in Cypress

Heights gets a hot new coffee house, the edge of Midtown and the Third Ward adds a beer garden, plus more soon to be openings in and around the city.


HEIGHTS — From the crew behind the recently opened Greenway Coffee, David Buehrer and Ecky Prabanto, is a new coffee and breakfast spot for the Heights, Morningstar (4721 North Main St.). Buehrer announced via instagram his excitement over the upcoming project, and noted Priscilla Nguyen will co-create the breakfast and lunch menu. It's also reported Buehrer will be creating more of his fabulous donuts with his bakery mentor Sam Phan. The concept is expected to open sometime this fall. [Houston Chronicle]

MIDTOWN/MONTROSE — Axelrad Beer Garden is the latest concept to head to the neighborhood where HCC -Central is based. The beer garden, which is led be the team Monte Large, Adam Brackman and Jeff Kaplan, will be housed in a 2,000 sq. ft. century-old building, will feature 250 seats and even hammocks on the expansive lot. Expect minimalist interior from a collaboration between architect Craig Garcia of Gage Design and Gin Braverman of Gin Designs, along with chic furnishings by New Living artisans. Landscape architect Jenny Janis is also tied to the project. Axelrad will feature craft beers, including 25 on tap and will partner with neighbor, Luigi's, for a BYOB pizza program. The anticipated opening date is set for sometime in September. [Houston Chronicle]



CYPRESS — Caldwell Companies has announced two new tenants have signed leases at The Boardwalk at Towne Lake including Jaxton's and Taisho. The 150,000-square-foot waterfront development is a mixed use project with an array of retail, restaurants and office spaces, across four large buildings. Jaxton's is the brainchild from former maître d' at Tony's for the last eight years, Jason Howard. The contemporary American (with heavy French and Italian influences) restaurant will feature classic, upscale, comfort food including unique crepe combinations, wood-fired pizzas and more. The project has an opening date set for Spring of 2015. [EHOU]

CYPRESS — The second restaurant tied to The Boardwalk at Towne Lake, Taisho, is a Japanese concept that specializes in the hibachi and teppanykai style of cooking, owned by the same team behind a handful of Shogun Grill restaurants throughout Texas. [EHOU]


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