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Don't Forget to Tip Your Eater

Eater Houston is hungry for your news, gossip, and restaurant info. Feed the Eater.

The end of the year is fast approaching. And whether or not you've locked yourself in with Netflix or braved the crowds in black-Friday/week/month shopping, please remember Eater loves, and thrives on tips from our readers. So please keep those tips coming, particularly when it comes to upcoming fall openings.

We love to hear from you, listen to your gossip, hear your dining rave or rant, and answer any question you may have. You are are there on the ground and the intel you can pass along to us is invaluable. Did you see a new sign in a vacant spot in your neighborhood? Is a chef from another city is moving to Htown? Is your favorite spot closing? Is there a restaurant not getting enough attention from us? Let us know.

To get in touch by email, simply drop us a line at or use this form. (Your anonymity is completely protected — unless you would like to be cited by name.) On social media, find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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