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OPENING REPORT: Owl's on West Alabama and Bisteca Ristorante

The Owl Bar moves to a new location, plus The Plant House in Montrose is drastically transformed for an upcoming restaurant.

Owl Bar
Owl Bar
Owl Bar/Facebook

UPPER KIRBY — Curious passerby's on West Alabama have been on the lookout for an owl, specifically the reincarnation of the Owl Bar formally located on Kirby and W.Main. Construction is still taking place on the new site at 2221 West Alabama, but a sign has recently gone up and followers of the Owl Bar on Facebook have been receiving snapshots of the concept's progress, along with the promise of an opening happening very "soon." [EHOU]

MONTROSEBisteca Ristorante (224 Westheimer) is rumored to be the latest incarnation for the shuttered Plant House in the Montrose. Originally it was reported the completely transformed space would be named Bistro 224, however, the TABC NOTICE on the premises says the applicant applying for a mixed beverage license is Slow Food Inc.. Adding further to the confusion and mystique of the space is a small sign at the front entrance claiming the name of the establishment will be Bistecca Ristorante. [Houston Streetwise]